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Multibeam Echo Sounder EM 3002 D - KONSBERG Multibeam Echo Sounder Model EM 3002 consists of: Operator Station, Processing Unit, Sonar Head.

System performance

Frequency: 300 kHz
Maximum ping rate: 25 Hz
Number of beams per ping: 127
Beam width: 1.5 x 1.5°
Beam spacing: 0.9°
Coverage sector: 120° (usable to >130°)
Transmit beam steering: ±25° in 0.5° steps
Depth range from sonar head: < 0.5 m to >250m
Depth resolution: 1 cm
Pulse length: 150 ms
Range sampling rate: 15 kHz
Beam forming method: FFT
Data storage rate: 40-300 MB/h (max at 10 m depth)

Note 1: Frequencies of 293 and 307 kHz are used with dual sonar heads.
Note 2: Both beam width and beam spacing are proportional with sec of beam pointing angle with respect to sonar head (i.e. beam width is 2.1° at ±45° beam pointing angle and 3.0° at ±60°, and beam spacing is 1.3° at ±45° and 1.8° at ±60°).


Serial lines with operator settable baud rate, parity, data and stop bit length for:

- Motion sensor (roll, pitch, heave and optionally heading) in format supported by sensors from Applied Analytics, Seatex and TSS, Gyrocompass in either NMEA 0 I 83 HDT or SKR82/LR60 format,
- Positions in either Simrad 90, NNMA 0183 GGA or GGK format
- Sonar head depth in Digiquartz compatible format
- External clock in NMEA 0183 ZDA format
- Sound velocity profile
- Sound velocity at transducer
- Sea level height (tide)
- Datum height(s)
- Output of depth straight down in NMEA 0183 DPT format.

Interface for a 1 PPS (pulse per second) clock sync signal.
SCSI interface tape drive (DAT or Exabyte) and additional disk drives.
Parallel interface for Postscript color graphic printer/plotter.
Optional interface for continuous grayscale recorder for seabed imagery.
Optional Ethernet interface for input of sound velocity data and output of all data normally logged to disk and/or tape.

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