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Adriatic archipelago - sea area Split

ISBN 978-953-6165-55-1
grupa autora / group of authors
Zvonko Gržetić, Tonći Jeličić, Julije Skelin, Mirjana Tepšić, Pejo Bročić, Marijan Ferenčak, Goran Crnošija, Goran Strinić, Milivoj Pogančić, Vesna Tomić, Kartografski odjel, Nautički odjel i drugi
Soft binding
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January, 2012
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Dear lovers of the Adriatic,

We are presenting you the first of the six publications of the Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia, in which the eastern coast of the Adriatic will be presented. Being the official institution of the Republic of Croatia in charge of the safety of navigation at sea, we intend to offer to boaters our knowledge and experience so that they could make a quality planning of their stay and to provide for a safer navigation along the Adriatic.

Although our role is based on collecting, analysing and publishing official data, we are also trying to respond to the increasing demand of the market that is quickly adapting to the new technology and to the increasing need of recreational boaters for useful information. We tried to understand your needs, recognise your habits, satisfy your wishes and perhaps have a surprise for you. We wanted to present the Adriatic in the most preferred manner: to discover its immense beauty, to reveal a part of its spirit. We tried to be different, innovative and more precise. Our goal was not only a well-designed product; we wanted users of this new publication to receive quality information.

That is why this book was written; we wish to present to all boaters the lavishness and diversity of our coast. Not only to them; this book will be valuable to all devotees of the sea and islands, but also to those who permanently live there. It is based on a vision created through a successful cooperation of our employees and our collaborators, all Adriatic enthusiasts. I would like to thank to all of them.

We wish to combine experience and creativity and jointly make future editions. We therefore invite you as our collaborators to share your experience in navigating along the Adriatic and thus contribute to the safety of navigation in the Adriatic, to mutual satisfaction.

Welcome aboard!