Hydrographic Survey Vessels and Equipment

HHI has two survey vessels designed for the conduct of hydrographic survey, oceanographic measurements, marine geology research, magnetometric detection, and cartographic revision of the coastal and insular sea areas in the Adriatic Sea.

Smaller survey vessel HIDRA is used for survey operations in the coastal and inshore areas of the Croatian part of the Adriatic. Survey vessel PALAGRUŽA, due to its size and equipment capable of operation in severe weather conditions, is used for the survey in the open sea. With an endurance of 25 days at sea, it is also capable of operating in the Mediterranean Sea.

Survey vessels fulfil the requirements and needs of the hydrographic, cartographic, and oceanographic activities of the HHI, essential for monitoring of conditions and maintenance of databases for the Croatian part of the Adriatic. The equipment employed onboard these vessels keeps up with the advances in the computer and measuring instrument technology in the field of marine research.