SV Hidra

IB-HidraS/V HIDRA was built in 1993 in Punat Shipyard, for the Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia. It is designed for the conduct of hydrographic survey, marine geology research, magnetometric detection, and oceanographic investigations in the coastal sea area. The vessel is equipped with modern DGPS navigation equipment, hydrographic echo sounders (dual-channel and multibeam), sub-bottom profilers (boomer, catamaran, and geochirp), magnetometer, and other hydrographic, geological, and oceanographic instruments. Since 2009. The I / B Hydra is equipped with a device to connect to the Internet in the coastal areas.


Name: s/v HIDRA
Owner: Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia; Split, Croatia
Port of registry: Split
Shipyard: Punat, Croatia
Built: 1993.
Lenght: 22.10 m
Breadth: 5.60 m
Draught: 1.85 m
Tonage: 77 t
Fuel: 6100 l
Fresh water: 4000 l
Main propulsion: 2 X Diesel engine CUMMINS Type NT 855M, 224 kW
Electrical equipment: 2 X Diesel generator ONAN Model MDL-6,25 kW
Radar: TOKIMEC Type 1800-14
Gyrocompass and autopilot: ANSHUTZ, Standard 14
Positioning system: FURANO Type GPS 31000, GPS Ploter
Echo sounder: ELAC JAZ-2021, Marimatech
VHF Radio telephone: DEBEG 6330, FURANO FM-800, FURANO Distres alert DSC-8V
Navtex: DEBEG

Hydraulic crane, capacity 350 kg (Palfinger)
Hydraulic winches HV-300 and HV-200
Hydraulic davit 80 HA
Hydrographic-geological-oceanographic laboratory

Survey Vessels and Equipment