Tehran, 25th Meeting of the PRIMAR Advisory Committee

10/23/2018 4:44:00 PM
Tehran, 25th Meeting of the PRIMAR Advisory Committee

The 25th ordinary annual Meeting of the PRIMAR Advisory Committee (more information about PRIMAR is given below) was held in Tehran (Iran) from 16 to 18 October 2018. The meeting was hosted by the Iran Hydrographic Office. Croatia was represented by Director Vinka Kolić, head of delegation, and Assistant Director for International Cooperation Željko Bradarić, member of delegation.

In a two-day work of the Committee, Croatia once more proved to be a proactive member, participating in discussions on all items of a comprehensive agenda. Strategic, technical, financial, and administrative issues were addressed, as well as the work of PRIMAR, and decisions and action items were adopted in this respect.

The thematic group of technical issues presented improvements in the existing PRIMAR services and functionalities available to PRIMAR members. In particular, it analysed the progress made in the multiannual project for capacity building and PRIMAR functionality regarding the transition to a new generation of electronic navigational charts (ENC) according to IHO standard S-101. The project action plan and financial plan for the period 2019 – 2020 were approved. The possibility of providing certain PRIMAR services to other interested hydrographic offices and organizations was also considered.

Once again, Croatia’s comment relating to the PRIMAR budget proposal for 2019 and acceptance of new financial model (FM 7.0) was well-received. Adoption of the new financial model means the accomplishment of Croatia’s two-year efforts to improve the existing financial model (FM 6.0).

In a series of bilateral meetings with representatives of the PRIMAR members, the PRIMAR management, and the representative of the host, opinions were exchanged on the meeting topics and on other issues from the daily work of hydrographic offices.

On a proposal by the representatives of Finland and with full support of other PRIMAR members, in the next two-year period Croatia will act as the PAC vice-chair. In line with the PAC statute, Croatia will assume the function of chair two years later, namely after the end of 27th PAC Meeting.


PRIMAR is one of the world’s three regional ENC coordinating centres (RENC), operated in accordance with the WEND (Worldwide ENC Database) principles established by the IHO resolution. Organizationally, PRIMAR represents an intergovernmental multilateral cooperation of its full members (more about PRIMAR at www.primar.org).

PRIMAR’s principal aim is to ensure a harmonized quality level of ENCs from different producer nations and make them available to end users on ships and other onshore and onboard services on a 24/7 basis. PRIMAR is a non-profit organization, investing the proceeds of the sale of ENCs in the maintenance of existing and development of new services and functionalities. In the context of technological solutions and many services which it provides, PRIMAR has been recognized as a leading RENC.

Croatia, as a long-standing full member of PRIMAR (since 25 October 2005), besides using PRIMAR’s tools and services to ensure highest quality of its ENCs (currently 137 ENC cells) and making them available to end users through PRIMAR, actively participates in the work of PRIMAR’s bodies and working groups from the first day. Croatia hosted the meeting of the PAC twice, last in November 2014.

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