Regular annual meeting of the three PRIMAR working groups

6/1/2020 3:13:00 PM
Regular annual meeting of the three PRIMAR working groups

The regular annual meeting of the three working groups of PRIMAR, the Regional Coordination Centre for the Distribution of Official Electronic Navigation Charts (PRIMAR RENC) due to COVID-19 circumstances instead of in Stavanger was held "online" on 26 and 27 May. The meeting was attended by representatives of PRIMAR, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Croatia and France. Croatia was represented by Director Vinka Kolić and Assistant Director for International Cooperation Željko Bradarić. On the agenda of the permanent PRIMAR working groups for strategic (PSWG), financial (PFWG) and marketing (PMFG) issues were again several current topics.

The most important strategic issue was related to the need to adapt the PRIMAR operation regarding the upcoming needs of the production and distribution of new generation ENC according to IHO standard S-101. In this regard, it was analysed the past activities and progress on a joint project (started 2017) on the implementation of the strategic goal of transition to a new generation of ENC.

The main financial topic was the analysis of realization of the financial plan for 2019, as well as the financial status for the first quarter of 2020. Taking into account the presented indicators, guidelines for planning the PRIMAR budget for 2021 was adopted.

Among the marketing topics, the issues of continuation and new ways of promoting basic and additional PRIMAR services, such as ENC Inspector, ENC Pilot, WMS for ENC, ENC Update Tracker, ENC Improver, GeoView and S-102, were discussed.