Meeting on the hydrographic survey project in the area of western coast of Istria

9/30/2017 3:19:00 PM

Meeting on the hydrographic survey project in the area of western coast of Istria was held on 27 September 2017 at the Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber Pula. It was attended by representatives of the HHI (Director Vinka Kolić, Assistant Director for International Cooperation and Safety of Navigation Željko Bradarić and member of the HHI Governing Council oceanographer Goran Olujić), representatives of the Harbour Master’s Office Pula (Harbour Master Dolores Brenko-Škerjanc and inspectors Zdenko Mihaljević and Ivica Lazarić), representatives of port authorities, concessionaires, and representatives of cities and municipalities being beneficial owners or managing parts of the maritime demesne in the area of western coast of Istria.

Purpose of the meeting was to inform the participants about the HHI plan for hydrographic activities in the sea area of Istria County, identified in the HHI planning documents among three priority areas requiring hydrographic survey for publishing new official editions of navigational charts and publications. Considering legal obligations of port authorities and other legal and natural persons using parts of the maritime demesne to perform economic activity (concessionaires), and relating to periodical surveys of these areas, HHI representatives presented the areas requiring a new hydrographic survey.

This is the opportunity to rationalize their costs as throughout October the HHI will carry out official hydrographic survey in the area of western coast of Istria outside of port and concession areas. HHI representatives acquired valuable and useful information in individual talks with representatives of port authorities and concessionaires, especially in a separate meeting with the Pula harbour master and her closest associates – inspectors and branch office harbour masters.

Above mentioned meetings have achieved their initial goal as a prerequisite for successful accomplishment of the hydrographic survey, and realization of the final objective – production of new editions of official paper and electronic navigational charts and publications of the western coast of Istria, which will significantly improve the safety of navigation in that sea area.