Meeting of three PRIMAR Working Groups

6/1/2022 3:35:00 PM
Meeting of three PRIMAR Working Groups

Regular annual meeting of three Working Groups of PRIMAR (Regional ENC Coordinating Centre (RENC)) was held in Stavanger (Norway) from 24 to 25 May. The meeting, held in a hybrid format because of the pandemic, was attended by representatives of Croatia, PRIMAR, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Lithuania, Iran, and Vietnam.

The agenda of permanent working groups (PSWG, PMWG and PFWG) covered common topics related to strategic, marketing, and financial issues. Special focus was on analysis of the progress made in the multiannual project (2018 – 2023) for capacity building and PRIMAR functionalities regarding the transition to new generation of electronic navigational charts (ENC) according to the IHO standard S-101.

Considering the development of other products and services under the new framework standard for hydrographic data (IHO S-100), the participants exchanged views on updating the PRIMAR strategic guidelines according to estimates and assumptions of the market in the short term. 

Croatia participated in the discussions on all agenda items during the two-day meeting.