HHI representatives participate in the meeting of worldwide ENC database working group

3/2/2023 10:34:00 AM

The IHO Worldwide ENC database working group (WENDWG) gathered at the 13th regular annual meeting in Aalborg, Denmark, 21–23 February 2023. The meeting was hosted by the Danish Geodata Agency (DGA). The main purpose of WENDWG is to advise the Interregional Coordination Committee (IRCC) on the development of adequate quality and coverage of ENCs (more about the working group at WENDWG | IHO).

Main topics of the three-day programme:

Presentations (reports) by representatives and/or ENC charting coordinators of all Regional Hydrographic Commissions (RHCs) and representatives of regional ENC distribution centres RENC (IC-ENC and PRIMAR) on the challenges of implementation of the S-100 standard,

Discussion on the strategic performance indicators, which enable the IHO to monitor capacity levels of Member States to comply with the requirements for production and supply of S-100 products according to the defined implementation plans, with an emphasis on WEND100-IGIF Matrix, 

Presentation of the status of the third version of INToGIS III Web Catalogue under the project of cooperation between the IHO and the Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency (KHOA), 

Consideration of amendments to the guidelines for ENC planning within the IHO S-11 standard, with an emphasis on advantages and disadvantages of the use of network model as the basis and possibility for creating the global network model.

Croatia was represented in the work of WENDWG by the HHI delegate Dejan Lovrinčević. In the absence of representative and ENC charting coordinator for the Region F (Mediterranean and Black Seas Hydrographic Commission – MBSHC), Croatia, as Chair of the MBSHC, together with the IHO representative presented up-to-date information on activities undertaken and plans for implementation of S-100 products in the MBSHC region.