23rd Meeting of the PRIMAR Advisory Committee

12/6/2016 10:37:00 AM
23rd Meeting of the PRIMAR Advisory Committee

The 23rd ordinary annual meeting of the PRIMAR Advisory Committee (more about PRIMAR) was held in Riga (Latvia) from 22 to 23 November. Latvian Hydrographic Service hosted the meeting. Croatia was represented by Assistant Director for International Cooperation Željko Bradarić, and Geodesy Specialist Dejan Lovrinčević.

Croatia took an active part in the work of the Committee on all agenda items. In addition to regular strategic and technical topics on the agenda of the meeting was the discussion and adoption of the new financial model. Croatia gained recognition for the presentation of Croatian proposal for further improvement to the financial model approved. In this respect Croatia also proposed two specific measures to be implemented in 2017 by the decision of PAC. As Croatia has been appointed to lead the implementation of these measures, by the end of May HHI will host the meeting of three PRIMAR working groups on strategic, financial and marketing issues.

Moreover, the representatives of Croatia had an opportunity to exchange opinions on the meeting topics and on other issues from the daily work of hydrographic offices through bilateral meetings with representatives of the PRIMAR members, with the PRIMAR management, and with the representative of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).



PRIMAR is one of the world’s three regional ENC coordinating centres (RENCs), operated in accordance with the WEND (Worldwide ENC Database) principles established by the IHO resolution. Organizationally, PRIMAR represents an intergovernmental multilateral cooperation of its full members (more about PRIMAR-u at www.primar.org).

PRIMAR’s principal aim is to ensure a harmonized quality level of official ENCs from different producer nations and making this information available to end users on ships and other onshore and onboard services on a 24/7 basis.

Croatia, as a long-standing full member of PRIMAR (since 25 October 2005), besides using PRIMAR’s tools and services to ensure highest quality of its ENCs (currently 96 ENC cells) and making them available to end users through PRIMAR, actively participates in the work of PRIMAR’s bodies and working groups from the first day. In this way, throughout the membership in PRIMAR, HHI contributes to its technological-technical and organizational development. Moreover, Croatia (HHI) hosted the meeting of the PRIMAR Advisory Committee (PAC) twice, last in November last year. Until recently, HHI representatives regularly participated in the meetings of the Joint Technical Experts Working Group (JTEWG).