Training and Capacity Building of HHI Staff

The 16th PRIMAR Technical Working Group Meeting was held in Stavanger (Norway) on 29 and 30 October 2019. Participants from 12 countries and industry representatives attended the meeting. Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia was represented by Ivana Kordić and Mendi Čala. The topic of the meeting was presentation of new PRIMAR services and the current status of S-101 implementation. The first day covered the status of new members’ ENC cells, cooperation between regional electronic navigation centres, new methods and ENC distribution solutions, as well as current status of implementation of S-102 service (CHS). Current activities of working groups (HSSC11, S-101 PT4, ENCWG…) were also discussed. On the second day, a workshop was held on the subject of new generation of ENC according to IHO standard S -101. In the workshop, participants became acquainted with challenges of S-101 technology through data conversion, structural and attribute display of ENC geometry and topology, with particular emphasis on the safety and data protection of S-101 system. Thus, education and training of HHI staff continued, as well as good cooperation with PRIMAR, a regional coordination centre that provides availability of ENCs to end users.



The Second Chart Project Alumni Seminar, organised by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), under the auspices of the Nippon Foundation, was held in Singapore from 28 to 31 October 2019. It was attended by 42 participants, of the total of 65 who from the first CAT B course (2009) to date (10 training courses) acquired the status of CAT B nautical cartographer, a highly prized and desirable title for hydrographic offices worldwide. Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia was represented by Ante Kolić. The three-day seminar covered the future, strategy and development of the Capacity Building programme, cooperation with the Nippon Foundation, and network cooperation between all participants in the future. Issues that were also discussed included the academic and administrative review of CHART project, and a modern approach to maintaining the standard of competence for CAT B hydrographer and nautical cartographer. Every participant had an opportunity to present his work in the hydrographic office which he represented. Thus, a series of IHO training courses for HHI staff continued, as well as excellent cooperation between all members.


Extreme sea levels in the sea areas of Split and Ploče

On Wednesday 13 November 2019, extreme sea levels were recorded by tide gauge stations Split and Ploče. At 04 hours 02 minutes, tide gauge station Split measured a sea level of 1.515 m above tidal datum, or 91.1 cm above mean sea level. This is the highest sea level measured since 1955, when this tide gauge station started continuous measurements. At 03 hours 29 minutes tide gauge station Ploče measured a sea level of 2.128 m above tidal datum, or 88.7 cm above mean sea level. This is the highest sea level measured since 2002, when this tide gauge station started continuous measurements.

Record-setting wave measured in the Adriatic

On 12 November 2019 at 16 h, Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia measured a record-setting wave in the Adriatic. This wave was recorded in the sea area of Dubrovnik near Sv. Andrija islet. Maximum wave height was Hmax =10.87 m, with significant wave height Hs = 4.75 m (sea state 6) and period T = 10 s. The wave arrived from direction Dirp = 167.1°.  

3rd Meeting of the IHO Council

The 3rd Meeting of the Council of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) was held in Monaco, on the IHO premises, from 15 to 18 October 2019. The Republic of Croatia participated in the meeting represented by its delegates from the Hydrographic Institute: Vinka Kolić, director, and Željko Bradarić, assistant director for international and EU affairs. The International Hydrographic Organization is an intergovernmental technical and consultative organization which through its activities contributes towards coordinated action of hydrographic offices, primarily aiming to support the safety of navigation by providing high-quality official navigation charts and publications as well as urgent navigation information. Croatia is a full member of the IHO, and for its continued work and contribution has been recognized as a proactive member within the hydrographic community.

The Council is the main operational body of the IHO, which during the inter-Assembly period implements the Assembly decisions, coordinates the IHO activities within the framework of three work programmes and two committees, analyses the implementation of strategic goals and brings forward proposals for consideration by the Assembly and the IHO member states.

The 3rd Meeting of the IHO Council, according to the agenda, addressed regular issues in compliance with the Council rules of procedures. It focused particularly on two issues that are currently most important for the Organization, namely adoption of the revised IHO Strategic Plan for the period until 2026, and adoption of the implementation plan of S-100 standard series with emphasis on the standard S-101, which refers to a new generation of electronic navigation charts. Both proposals will be the subject of discussion and decision at the 2nd meeting of the IHO Assembly in April 2020.

Croatia, recognizing the importance of these issues for the work of the IHO, besides providing general support by submitting preparatory documents for the meeting, contributed additionally with comments and proposals on all major official proposals during the Council sessions.

Besides its active participation in the Council meetings, Croatian delegation organized and participated in several aside meetings, discussing different organizational, technical, administrative and financial issues of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

Closing the 3rd Meeting of the Council, the mandate of the current members of the Council, the Chair and the Vice-Chair of the Council, has ended. In accordance with the rules of procedure, the election of new Council members, Chair and Vice-Chair of the Council shall follow. In informal talks, recognizing Croatia's contribution to the work of the IHO Council and other IHO organs and bodies, it was proposed that Croatia apply for full membership of the Council.

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Stavanger, 26th Meeting of the PRIMAR Advisory Committee

The 26th ordinary annual Meeting of the PRIMAR Advisory Committee (PAC) (more information about PRIMAR is given below) was held in Stavanger (Norway) from 2 to 4 October 2019. The meeting was hosted by the Norwegian Hydrographic Office. Croatia was represented by Director Vinka Kolić, head of delegation, and Assistant Director for International and EU Affairs Željko Bradarić, member of delegation.

The agenda of the two-day meeting focused on the strategic, technical, financial and administrative issues of PRIMAR's work for the period since the 25th session of the PAC.

The thematic group of technical issues presented improvements in the existing PRIMAR services and functionalities available to PRIMAR members. In particular, it analysed the progress made in the multiannual project (2018-2023) for capacity building and PRIMAR functionality regarding the transition to a new generation of electronic navigational charts (ENC) according to IHO standard S-101. It was concluded that the planned activities for 2019 were going according to plan and the identified risks were analyzed and updated. The activity plan and financial plan of the project for 2020 were approved. The possibility of providing certain PRIMAR services to other interested hydrographic offices and organizations was also considered.

In a two-day work of the Committee, Croatia once more proved to be a proactive member, participating in discussions on all items of a comprehensive agenda.

In a series of bilateral meetings with representatives of the PRIMAR members, the PRIMAR management, IHO representative and the representative of the host, opinions were exchanged on the meeting topics and on other issues from the daily work of hydrographic offices.


PRIMAR is one of the world’s three regional ENC coordinating centres (RENC), operated in accordance with the WEND (Worldwide ENC Database) principles established by the IHO resolution. Organizationally, PRIMAR represents an intergovernmental multilateral cooperation of its full members (more about PRIMAR at

PRIMAR’s principal aim is to ensure a harmonized quality level of ENCs from different producer nations and make them available to end users on ships and other onshore and onboard services on a 24/7 basis. PRIMAR is a non-profit organization, investing the proceeds of the sale of ENCs in the maintenance of existing and development of new services and functionalities. In the context of technological solutions and many services which it provides, PRIMAR has been recognized as a leading RENC.

Croatia, as a long-standing full member of PRIMAR (since 25 October 2005), besides using PRIMAR’s tools and services to ensure highest quality of its ENCs (currently 232 ENC cells) and making them available to end users through PRIMAR, actively participates in the work of PRIMAR’s bodies and working groups from the first day. Croatia hosted the meeting of the PAC twice, last in November 2014.


26th Meeting of the PRIMAR Advisory Committee

The 26th ordinary annual Meeting of the PRIMAR Advisory Committee (PAC) was held in Stavanger (Norway) from 2 to 4 October 2019...

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