Visit to the People’s Republic of China – The World Leisure Expo 2011

11/8/2011 2:29:00 PM
Visit to the People’s Republic of China – The World Leisure Expo 2011

In September 2011, representatives of the Hydrographic Institute paid official visit to the People’s Republic of China. Among numerous activities, and participation in the World Leisure EXPO, worth mentioning is presence at the Croatian Cuisine Festival, and opening of the West Lake International Festival in Hangzhou.

Opening of the Croatian Cuisine Festival was organised at the Merchant Marco Hotel. Besides the HHI Director and representatives, the event was attended by the former Croatian president Stjepan Mesić, the Croatian ambassador to China Ante Simonić, representatives of municipal authorities of the cities of Hangzhou, Yangzhou and Ningbo, Zhejiang Tourism Bureau representatives, Hangzhou tourist board representatives, and representatives of leading Hangzhou print and electronic media.

Besides participating in the World Leisure Expo 2011, the HHI representatives had a number of meetings, most important of which are those with representatives of the Shangai University, the Shangai Ocean University, the Hanzhou Municipal Government, the Hangzhou Baohang Industrial Investment Group, the China National Machinery & Equipment, and official visit to the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Beijing.