On the release of the hundredth ENC cell

4/7/2016 10:29:00 AM
On the release of the hundredth ENC cell

Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia (HHI) has made a significant contribution to the advancement of hydrographic-navigational elements of the safety of navigation by releasing Croatian electronic navigational charts (ENC) and making them available to end users on ships and to maritime administrations worldwide.

Nine years ago HHI released its first ENC cell (July 2007). This event is far more significant for the development of modern cartography, hydrography and safety of navigation than the mere fact that an era of systematic digitization of nautical charts started at that time in Croatia. This was a big challenge in technological, organizational and financial terms which HHI had to deal with in a limited period of time due to ENC/ECDIS carriage requirements introduced for certain types and sizes of ships. As HHI currently ensures almost complete coverage of its area of responsibility for charting (93%), it can be said that we have reached high international standards in this segment of navigational safety, thus ranking among the most advanced and renowned national hydrographic offices in the world.

Today, less than ten years from the first ENC cell, we are proud to announce the release on 9 March 2016 of the hundredth ENC cell for Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. The hundredth ENC cell with unique identifier HR600M04 shows ACI Marina Umag.

HHI as leader in activities to improve hydrographic-navigational segment of the safety of navigation, continues to produce and release new ENCs according to established priorities. Currently in preparation are the following ENC cells: HR40512A – Kornat-Murter, HR40535B – Starogradski zaljev, HR50512B – Murterski kanal – SE part, as well as several ENC cells of other ACI marinas.