New Edition of publication Nautical Almanac 2012

12/5/2011 11:22:00 AM

New edition of Nautical Almanac 2012 has been released.

Nautical Almanac is a regular yearly publication of the Hydrographic Institute. Capt. Petar Čumbelić, Prof. D. Sc., long-time associate of the Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia, is responsible for developing an original program for the production of Nautical Almanac. Thus Croatia ranks among countries that completely by themselves issue this publication, essential for solving astronomical navigation problems onboard and at nautical colleges.

Excerpted from Table of Contents: Astronomical symbols and abbreviations (Croatian, English), Names of the months and the days of the week (Croatian, English), Ephemerides (of the Sun, Moon, First Point of Aries, and planets), Apparent size of the planets (diagram), Sunrise and Sunset (diagram), Transit on the Meridian – of the Sun, planets, and First Point of Aries (diagram), Stars in alphabetical order, by sidereal hour angle and by declination, Stars up to 3rd magnitude inclusive, Latitude and Azimuth by Polaris, Conversion of Arc to Time, Correction to GHA and Declination, Nautical Tables PRZ, Interpolation Tables, Height Correction Tables, Corrections to be applied to sextant altitude.

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