Audit of the Croatian hydrographic service by IMO

12/3/2014 9:54:00 AM
Audit of the Croatian hydrographic service by IMO

Within the last week audit of the Croatian maritime administration carried out by representatives of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), for the first time hydrographic service was examined on a voluntary basis. It should be noted that in the future, when such audit becomes mandatory and where deficiencies are identified in the system or organization, there shall be obligation to define corrective actions in this respect.

International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), as intergovernmental technical-consultative organization, is not entitled to carry out audits or corrective actions, since under the IHO Convention its resolutions have no binding effects for the member states.

Representatives of the Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia Director Mr Nenad Leder and his Assistant Mr. Željko Bradarić, following a strictly prescribed procedure, gave a 1-hour presentation on the conduct of hydrographic service in terms of compliance with the SOLAS Convention. IMO representatives put various questions, and requested access to supporting documents. From their response upon the audit completion, it may be concluded that a positive impression has been gained on the status of hydrographic service in Croatia, the way in which it is carried out, and priorities set for the next five-year period.

According to a defined procedure, IMO will draw up a special report on the results of audit, to be submitted to competent authorities for information and follow-up.