Joining of Croatia in the development of the European nautical tourism

Srećko Favro (HHI);

Godina: 2002


First European yacht tourism cogressRogoznica : Croatian Paneuropean Union SPLIT , 2002. 81-89 (ISBN: 953-6921-02-2). Rogoznica, Hrvatska, 16-18.05.2002

 Croatia, like all other Mediterranean countries, is tourist-orientated. After the Patriotic War Croatia started renewing intensively its nautical capacities. The Croatian nautical capacities, as recorded on 31st December 2001, are numbering 66 marines with 14, 009 berths. There are 11, 003 boats using berths throughout the year, 91% of which on the sea, 9% ashore. 14, 0594 boats and yachts have been hosted and 68, 476 boats/days realized. This was achieved with 45% boats flying the Croatian flag and the rest from the European countries. The holders of navigation permit were mostly the Germans, the Italians and the Austrians, making 85% of all foreign navigation permits in the Adriatic Sea. These three groups of tourists take precedence in everything on the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. By the type of boat, about 85% marine business have been done with sailing boats and 15% with motor-boats.