Physical plans in Managing Sea and Coastal Area

Srećko Favro (HHI); Mirjana Kovačić;

Godina: 2006


25th Ineternational conference on organizational science developmentPortorož : 25th Ineternational conference on organizational science development Portorož, Slovenia, 15-17.03.2006

This paper systematically and clearly indicates the negative effects in sea and coastal area and the need for systematic and multidisciplinary physical planing. The area in development plans has a double role, as an indispensable factor of socio-economic development and as the object of development processes. Development systems in the area develop and comply with each other. This indicates the fact that the area cannot be considered out of its development processes, as the development processes cannot be realised without the effects of the area. In order to archieve efficient managing of coastal and other area, it is necessary to plan the area and continuously monitor its exploitation. It is especially important for the sea and coastal areas which are great assets, and have to be protected and guarded by all means and measures. In spite of natural and historical conditions and resources, the Adriatic region is subject to harmful consequences of uncontrolled actions and other deviations in the development. This happens as a consequence of increased pressure to ecological systems, when the development of tourism, especially of nautical tourism, has to be planned systematically, so that man may preserve the quality of living, because otherwise, the development loses its meaning. Nautical tourism, with its specific activities and the need for the area, most often around the coastal line within the maritime domain, emphasises the problem of protection of the environment, which makes the physical planning one of the most important issues. Therefore, physical plans have to be subordinated to the protection and promotion of the enviroment, which implies efficient, but sensible managing of the coastal area.