Sustainable development of nautical tourism in Croatia

Srećko Favro (HHI); Iva Saganić;

Godina: 2006


New Perspectives and Values in World Tourism & Tourism Management in the Future / AKTAS, AHMET prof.dr (ur.). - Alanya TURKEY : Akdeniz University, Alnya Faculty of Business , 2006. 602-620 (ISBN: 975-7666-82-3) TURK - KAZAKH INTERNATIONAL TOURISM CONFERENCE 2006 Alanya, TURKEY, 20-26.11.2006

Having in mind Croatian littoral zone with its attractive coast and islands, it can be said that nautical tourism is absolutely authentic and distinctly recognizable Croatian "tourist product". Croatia has ideal conditions for nautical tourism development, and it has a great number of advantages such as good coastline indentedness, great number of well arranged and sheltered harbours, better geographical position in relation to countries that nautical tourists come from, preserved nature, and clean sea. However, nautical tourism still hasn't reached the level of quality proportional to the available resources. It is necessary to perceive realistic needs and spatial possibilities for the development of nautical reception capacities when choosing particular locations where ports of nautical tourism will be built. During further development of the capacities for the nautical tourism, spatial and environmental goals that should ensure high-quality regional planning and sustainable development of nautical tourism without endangering basic values of the natural resource will be put in the first place. By emphasizing special importance of the environment preservation, long term use of the Croatia's most valuable natural potential – Croatian Adriatic – will be guaranteed