Swot study of the nautical tourism develompment in Croatia

Mirjana Kovačić; Blanka Kesić; Srećko Favro (HHI);

Godina: 2007

Link: http://bib.irb.hr/prikazi-rad?&rad=355823

26th International Conference on Organizational Science Development CREATIVE ORGANIZATIONUniversity of Maribor - Faculty of organizational sciences , 2007. 875-883 (ISBN: 961-232-185-X). Portorož, Slovenia, 28 - 30.03.2007

This paper gives clear and systematic review of the SWOT study results for the nautical tourism development in Croatia. Also, basic characteristics of developmental trends of nautical tourism in the Mediterranean are defined, as well as expected demand. The authors are doing research of the quality of stay in the ports of nautical tourism, and possibilities of the development of nautical tourism in accordance with spatial and environmental specific qualities and with the respect for laws of nature. This ensures undamaged visual identity of the coastline, and provides to the boater stay in the authentic area with all the possibilities that it can provide. Acknowledging the fact that the statistical coverage and monitoring of the nautical tourism in Croatia is incomplete, and that its effects on the environment and its economical effects can merely be estimated, the authors have participated in the Research of the nautical tourism development in Croatia. The research was conducted in counties (Croatian spatial units) during 2005 to serve the needs of making Study of the nautical tourism development in Croatia whose holder was Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia in Split. Results obtained in the research were analyzed and SWOT matrix was made as the basis for making strategic decisions for its long-term sustainable development. In doing so, SWAT matrix enables defining of the basic guidelines for the nautical tourism development in Croatia.