The issue of coastal area management in Croatia- beach management

Mirjana Kovačić; Srećko Favro (HHI); Mate Perišić;

Godina: 2010



Croatia is well known for its sun, clear sea, many islets and peninsulas and these are, of course, the key elements in tourism development. All-Inclusive Coastal Management (AICM) in Croatia defines tourism as one of the most imporatnt economic activities in coastal areas. The beaches in Croatia have particular importance among other touristic resources. Natural beaches are scarce in Croatia ; coastal areas are mostly rocky or artificial beaches ; this makes natural beaches even more important. Local communities are entrusted with beach management ; this is the task they usually perform well, enuglfing the principles of nature preservation and growing demand in touristic market. Ever growing demand for atttractive locations and quality services demands holistic approach in beach management. This document analyzes beach management in Croatia, with the aim of emphasizing the necessity for sustainable management of coastal areas, especially beaches. Authors advocate systematic approach thru regulated legal and public institutions and suggest activities to be undertaken in order to improve the system of efficent beach management, by introducing quality criteria (efficiency level), including business communication. They stress out the implementation of System for support in decision-making (SSDM), as they see in it a solution for more efficient beach management, as well as the use of Geographic information systems (GIS).