Towards sustainable yachting in Croatian traditional island ports

Srećko Favro (HHI); Zvonko Gržetić (HHI); Mirjana Kovačić;

Godina: 2010


Towards sustainable yachting in Croatian traditional island ports Environmental Engineering and Management Journal

Islands at the east coast of the Adriatic were the area with a poor local community. Tourism, especially nautical, ensures new way of life, including some bad experiences, too. Attention is given to permanent preservation of Adriatic islands and the sea, as the most valuable Croatian natural resource. The project defines joint activities of local self-government, private investors and the government aimed at the synergy which will ensure the conditions for long-term implementation of the sustainable development model. The presented model, based on the principles of sustainable development, defines development activities for improvement of nautical services in the Croatian Adriatic with results in the increase of the safety of boaters and their vessels. The implementation of such project ensures the improvement of economic and social situation of local island communities and of the entire Croatian coast.