Traditional agriculture as impectus for tourism development in Dalmatia

Srećko Favro (HHI); Iva Saganić;

Godina: 2008


INTERNATIONAL TOURISM CONFERENCE 2008: Cultural and Event Tourism: Issues & Debates Alanya, Turkey, 05-09 November 2008.

 Croatian coast has traditionally been oriented towards agriculture as the most important activity for existence of its inhabitants. That also refers to Dalmatia. Because of geographic position of Croatian coast, its relief and climatic characteristics, some agricultural branches developed that have up to this day remained important for people's lives and for identification of Dalmatia. They are olive growing, grape growing, sheep breeding, pig breeding, and fruit growing. Olive growing has been traditional activity in this area since ancient times. Thanks to specific soil, climatic conditions and traditional way of processing, autochthonous sorts of wine grape give their maximum in these endemic geographical conditions. Some parts of Dalmatia have long tradition of sheep and pig breeding. Specific relief, climatic and soil conditions are ideal for growing marasca cherry used to prepare various drinks. All of this should be used to create brand of Dalmatia as an ecologically preserved area with unique geographic conditions that have created predispositions for growing field crops of exceptional quality by using traditional autochthonous ecological procedures. That can attract tourists who can see traditional way of life in this area, and also feel it.