Vision and mission of nautical tourism of the Republic of Croatia

Srećko Favro (HHI); Zvonko Gržetić (HHI);

Godina: 2008



Conference Proceedings of the 17th Annual CHME Research Conference Glasgow SCOTLAND, UK, 14-16.2008

The authors analyse natural conditions as the resource basis, present development and planned activities for the development of nautical tourism in the Republic of Croatia. Owing to special and exceptional natural and artificial attractions of the coast and islands, nautical tourism is unquestionably authentic and specially recognised Croatian “ tourist product” . The results of the different researches articulated the main objectives of the future development of nautical tourism at the principles of sustainable development. By defining the vision and the mission of nautical tourism, guidelines will be determined for the sustainable development of nautical tourism and complementary activities – nautical economy in the following 15 years. The conclusions of the Study of development of nautical tourism were the basis for scientific analysis of this issue presented in the doctoral thesis of the author Srecko Favro, entitled “ Spatial features of the Croatian Adriatic as a comparative advantage for the development of nautical tourism” .