Review of researches on nautical tourism and nautical ports

Srećko Favro (HHI); Mirjana Kovačić; Zvonko Gržetić (HHI);

Godina: 2009


CHME 18 th ANNUAL RESEARCH CONFERENCEBrighton : University of Brighton, School of Service Management, 2009.

This paper gives review of past researches of nautical tourism and ports for mariners and their yachts in Croatia. Authors point at role and importance of nautical tourism in economic growth of Croatia. The paper emphasizes systematc approach in the research of nautical tourism, and compares it with researches in the rest of the world. Because of the specific location where activities in nautical tourism are performed and that is maritime property, more recent researches, especially planning of new locations, include scientists from fields of law, maritime affairs, technology, economy, and other fields. Nautical tourism attracts more and more attention in thewhole world, as well as in Croatia, because of its importance in the economy and total tourist income, and especially because of development of new capacities for its realization on unused coastal areas. Ports of nautical tourism become specific places for realization of this selective form of tourism. In countries that have long tradition of nautical tourism there are integral programmes and systematic monitoring of the development through controlled development and management of ports of nautical tourism taking into consideration principles of sustainable development. In some countries there are also specialized research institutes o departments that moniter the phenomenon of nautical tourism and economy of nautical ports, and there are also specialized journals from that area published. Authors emphasize great contribution of Croatian and foreign authors tounderstanding of problems with situation of ports of nautical tourism, economic, effects of nautical tourism and possibilities for development taking into consideration environment and principles of sustainable development.