Controlled and Managed Adventure - Croatian Approach to the Development of Nautical Tourism in Croatia

Srećko Favro (HHI); Iva Saganić; Zvonko Gržetić (HHI);

Godina: 2009


Turizam : znanstveno-stručni časopis (1450-6661) 13 (2010); 69-74

Ecological preservation of intact nature, of mystical and genuine Mediterranean cultural environment is the most crucial requirement for the development of nautics, but also for upgrading present capacities and complementary activities in the Adriatic. At the same time, preservation of natural beauties, intact bays, but also development of sufficient amenities in marinas for overnight stay, sevices and entertainment, requires such development strategy that will balance and show consideration for all these aspects. That could be called a "discretely controlled and managed adventure" that will always have the price it has deserved. One has to bear in mind, though, that boaters primarily come in order to be at sea, that a marina is a necessary element of navigation, and thet boaters want to spend the major part of their time abroad, in the sphere of "adventure". The leading part in implementing this decision lies with government bodies that have to be able to adapt the boaters? desire for high services to local specific aspects.Nautics has to be administred, but administrative and expert entities have not proved to be the best solution. It may be assumed that the development one of the institutions into a body permanently responsible for monitornig, analyses and expert proposals could be a solutions that would find place in the current vacant space between performers (mostly private companies) and administration (few and inadequately qualified). Also, strict standards have to be determined and controlling system established, so that attractiveness is kept, while sustainable and controlled development of the littoral and islands is enabled.