Record-breaking sea levels in the northern Adriatic on 1 December 2008

Miroslava Pasarić; Srđan Čupić (HHI); Nenad Domijan (HHI); Nenad Leder (HHI); Mirko Orlić;

Godina: 2010


Rapport du Commission Internationale pour l’exploration scientifique de la Mer Mediteranee, 39, 157.

Exceptionally strong storm surge that occurred on 1 December 2008, when record-breaking sea level was recorded in the Northern Adriatic, is analysed using sea-level data from tide gauges along the eastern Adriatic coast. The event was a result of fine tuning between the storm surge brought about by a series of synoptic atmospheric disturbances, the tide and the preexisting Adriatic basinwide seiche, all uperimposed on a significant sea level rise due to the low-frequency atmospheric disturbance related to planetary waves, whereupon the local seiche activity additionally increased the sea level.