Monthly and seasonal oscillations of the Eastern Adriatic Current

Nenad Leder (HHI); Nenad Domijan (HHI); Zvonko Gržetić (HHI); Hrvoje Mihanović (HHI); Marko Mlinar (HHI);

Godina: 2010


Rapport du Commission Internationale pour l’exploration scientifique de la Mer Mediteranee, 39, 134.

Eastern Adriatic Current (EAC) is a branch of the general Adriatic cyclonic circulation along the eastern part of the Adriatic Sea with predominant NW direction. It is well known that EAC varies seasonally, being strongest in winter and weakest in summer [1]. In 2007 the scientific and research program – „The Adriatic Sea Monitoring Program“ was implemented. A part of this program consisted of current measurements along the Croatian internal and territorial waters, during a year long period. The measurements started in November 2007 and finished in December 2008. They represent a novel to Croatian physical oceanography, incorporating the greatest number of stations up to date, as well as providing the longest time-series available.