Adriatic sea level: scientific basis and managing the data

Ivica Vilibić (HHI); Mladen Srdelić (HHI); Bruna Vidović (HHI); Goran Strinić (HHI);

Godina: 2002


Proceedings on GIS Odyssey 2002 / Kereković, Davorin (ur.). Zagreb : GIS Forum, 2002. 133-145 (predavanje,međunarodna recenzija,objavljeni rad,znanstveni)

This paper overviews basic findings about sea level variations, both on the global and on the local (Adriatic Sea) scales. The characteristics of tides, storm surges and seiches, and climatic sea level fluctuations are described in the text, as they act together and having impact on the coastal infrastructure, especially in the North Adriatic. Therefore, various projects have been launched, both on local and regional (Mediterranean, Europe) scales, in order to better explore the factors influencing the sea level, as well as to make available the knowledge to the users and to the wider community. Moreover, data management is suggested herein, based both on web and GIS tools.