Multigene phylogeny and morphology of newly isolated strain of Pseudo-nitzschia mannii Amato & Montresor (Adriatic Sea)

Eli Marušić; Dorotea Grbin; Martin Pfannkuhen; Ivana Babić; Maja Mejdandžić; Hrvoje Mihanović; Daniela Marić Pfannkuchen; Jelena Godrijan; Petra Peharec Štefanić; Goran Olujić (HHI); Zrinka Ljubešić;

Godina: 2017


Diatom research. 32 (2017) , 1; 127-131 (članak, znanstveni)

An increasing number of cryptic and pseudo-cryptic species have been found within many newly described diatom species. To resolve the phylogenetic relationships of the genus Pseudo-nitzschia, molecular markers are being widely used in combination (or separately) with different morphological characters. Sequence analysis of ribosomal DNA markers (18S, ITS and 28S) and morphological analyses of Pseudo-nitzschia mannii strain (CIM_D-4), isolated from the Telaš´cica Bay (Adriatic Sea), differentiate it from all other currently reported strains of this species.