Public and Private Ports in Croatian Law

Goran Vojković; Neven Grubišić; Lea Vojković (HHI);

Godina: 2016


Public and Private Ports in Croatian Law. // Promet - Traffic & Transportation. 28 (2016) , 3; 215-224 (pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Existing classification of the Croatian seaports does not fit the level and meet the needs of the economic development of the Republic of Croatia, particularly after the Republic of Croatia joined the European Union. Equalizing public service offered by a port with the purpose of the port itself (general purpose – port open for public traffic, special purpose – port not open for public traffic) limits the economic development and aggravates the implementation of the basic market policies of the EU. Therefore, modernisation of the basic classification of ports in the Croatian legislation is suggested. Basic categorization of ports should be as follows: public service ports, private service ports and private ports for private needs of an entrepreneur.