Geospatial data in Marine SDI service

Tea Duplančić Leder; Nenad Leder (HHI); Marina Tavra;

Godina: 2014


6th International Maritime Science Conference / Vidan, Pero ; Twrdy, Elen ; Leder, Nenad ; Mulić, Rosanda (ur.). - Split : FACULTY OF MARITIME STUDIES SPLIT , 2014. 465-469.; Predavanje; Cjeloviti rad (in extenso); Međunarodna recenzija; Znanstveni

The knowledge of spatial data is necessary for a large number of human activities. A Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) is a data infrastructure implementing a framework of geographic data, metadata, users and tools that are interactively connected. In Croatia much has already been written about SDI, but primarily from land-based perspective. In this paper marine dimension of SDI (MSDI) that encompasses marine geographic and business information in its widest sense is described. It is pointed out that hydrography, as modern applied science, plays very important role in measurements and description of oceans and seas. Hydrographic spatial data forms the key base reference layer for the sea space in MSDI data. There are a large number of MSDI stakeholders. MSDI should be established according global, regional and national conventions and policies.