Transport of dangerous substances in specific terms specialized agencies

Joško Tadić; Zlatimir Bićanić; Danijel Pušić (HHI);

Godina: 2012


IMSC 2012 - 4. Međunarodna konferencija o pomorskoj znanosti / Mulić, Rosanda ; Gržetić, Zvonko ; Vidan, Pero ; Kuzmanić, Ivica (ur.). - Split, Predavanje, Međunarodna recenzija, Znanstveni

Transportation of hazardous substances can be done with various forms of transportation and the quality is determined by appropriate legal regulations. However, the transportation of hazardous cargo specifically, is significantly different from other modes of transportation. This paper aims to present some features in the transport of dangerous goods for this particular specialized service which could be used for the military, police, scientific research institutions, energy and other economic activities. The military component of NATO and all the corresponding parameters, for example, has means of transport, types of hazardous materials (packaging, marking, labeling), safety requirements, organization and control procedures during transport across national borders and more. Similar modes are used in most militaries.