Resonant excitation of island-trapped waves in a shallow, seasonally stratified sea

Hrvoje Mihanović (HHI); Gordana Beg Paklar; Mirko Orlić;

Godina: 2014


Continental shelf research. 77 (2014) ; 24-37 (članak, znanstveni)

Analysis of oceanographic data collected during 2006 in the eastern Adriatic Sea indicated the presence of large internal waves (with a maximum range of about 30 m) at the diurnal frequency around the island of Lastovo. The amplitude ratio and phase difference between diurnal surface tides and diurnal isotherm fluctuations changed considerably between pronounced internal wave episodes, depending on stratification properties, thus suggesting possible resonant excitation of internal oscillations. On the contrary, no significant diurnal thermocline fluctuations were observed at two other islands (Biševo and Sušac). Theoretical analysis presented here focused on the trapping of long-period internal waves around a circular island corresponding to Lastovo and confirmed that stratification properties during the summer of 2006 around the island were close to resonant ones. The analysis also showed that Biševo and Sušac are too small to support diurnal near-resonant excitation. Application of a numerical model for the current flow around equivalent circular and elliptical islands in the stratified sea provided more details on resonant excitation. Theoretical and numerical modeling results particularly emphasized the importance of island dimensions, stratification properties (pyconocline depth and density defect) and the periodicity of the forcing. Furthermore, idealized numerical simulations demonstrated that the waves trapped at Lastovo behave as the gravest azimuthal mode of internal Kelvin-like waves, revolving in a clockwise direction around the island, and that the eccentricity of the island has almost no effect on the resonant period.