Contribution to the development of general model of management and strategic decision-making in nautical tourism ports

Josip Kasum (HHI); Zvonko Gržetić (HHI); Eli Marušić;

Godina: 2007


Promet - Traffic & Transportation. 19 (2007) ; 295-299 (članak, znanstveni)

It is assumed that in strategic decision-making in managing nautical tourism ports (NTP) various decisions are made on the basis of descriptions, calculations, statistic, economic and other indicators, and also of inadequate number of precise indicators (Branch, A. E., 1998). Therefore, strategic decision-making is slightly uncertain , which, it is assumed, may be modified. This article explores the new measuring elements. They are developed on the sample of 47 NTPs in the archipelagic sea of the Republic of Croatia. It is assumed that by applying the new measuring elements it will consequently result in lowering the unreliability of strategic managing, which will eventually increase the profit of NTP.