Complementary facilities of nautical tourism port - what Nautical Tourism expects?

Mirjana Kovačić; Srećko Favro (HHI);

Godina: 2012


Complementary facilities of Nautical Tourism port - what Nautical Tourism expect?; 1st Belgrade International Tourism Conference; Belgrade, Serbia,2012; ISBN:978-86-82371-35-9

Nautical tourism is one of the selective forms of tourism that rise in the last thirty years on the foreign market as well as on domestic market. There are more and more advocates of this form of tourism mostly coming from developed countries as this form of tourism is mostly used by people having medium and high standard. In favour of that thesis is the fact that a boater during one entering the port with the yacht spends as much as 30 “ordinary” tourists. Due to that fact many countries are starting to develop nautical tourism, especially the one on rivers. Croatia, as one of maritime countries with great number of islands, has great possibilities for further development of that form of tourism. Nautical tourists nowadays has more and more demands, they expect clean see, the best organisation in nautical tourism port, but also the best food and drink, and many different activities and other special facilities for their pleasure. Authors in this paper research basic and complementary facilities that nautical tourism ports offer, define which of them the important ones are and which one are the additional ones. They also research the level of quality that has to be satisfied to attract yachters out of season as well. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the offer made by three marinas: Croatian, Italian and Spanish marina and present received results. The aim of the research is to define the role and quality of facilities of business operations of a nautical tourism port, and as a holder of the development of nautical tourism and element of integral management of maritime domain.