Delineation of coastline and marine SDI in Croatia

Nenad Leder (HHI); Tea Duplančić Leder;

Godina: 2011


25th International Cartographic Conference - Enlightened View on Cartography and GIS, Paris (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, objavljeni rad, znanstveni)

One of major tasks of hydrographers is to delineate the coastline during the survey, and of marine cartographers to plot it to nautical charts and hydrographic survey sheets. This paper provides a definition of coastline adopted by the Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia on the basis of recommendations of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). The paper describes the coastlining geodetic methods used in the hydrographic practice. Factors that affect the variability of coastline are described. It has been pointed out that the mean sea-level increase recorded on the eastern Adriatic coast is still weak, but in the near future the new coastline should be calculated. The conclusion is that in the national spatial data infrastructure (NSDI) it is advisable to use one single coastline both on nautical charts and topographic maps, so that the users could easily and consistently refer their object in a coastal zone.