History of publication “Symbols and abbreviations used on charts”

Tea Duplančić Leder; Nenad Leder (HHI);

Godina: 2011


25th International Cartographic Conference - Enlightened View on Cartography and GIS, Paris (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, objavljeni rad, znanstveni)

History of nautical cartography can be traced on the basis of recent editions of the publication “Symbols and Abbreviations Used on Charts”. This paper examines editions of that publication covering the area of Eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, from its first issue in 1929 published on one sheet, until these days. Every new edition includes more and more symbols and abbreviations, and its contents are consistent with worldwide trends in nautical cartography. In this way, nautical charts like no other thematic charts have been standardized all over the world. Such standardization has been achieved as a result of recommendations of the International Hydrographic Organization, to enable easier reading and interpreting of any nautical chart. The paper also refers to the IHO Symbols and Abbreviations for the production of electronic navigational charts and INT charts.