Selection of the location for nautical tourism ports in the area of Zadar County by applying Multi-Criteria analysis

Mirjana Kovačić; Srećko Favro (HHI);

Godina: 2011


4th Conference of the Adriatic forum, Zadar, Hrvatska, 16-18.09.2011 ISBN:978-953-7237-89-9

Nautical tourism is a part of general tourist phenomenon that has been significantly changing the structure and the character of tourist traffic for several years now. As a special form of recreation, nautical tourism denotes a wide area of activities. Except of satisfying its own needs, the nautical tourist often asks for a full service for its yachts. Besides this, the growing demand for permanent berths and the number of transit yachts pose new challenges to Croatia. The authors point out the importance of an even regional development as the basis for the economic development of Croatia. Underdeveloped areas, especially in Croatian islands are permanent factors that slow down the progress and the development of the community and the problem has to be solved by applying scientific bases. The authors are exploring possibilities for the development of nautical tourism in the area of Zadar County taking into consideration natural preconditions as well as other conditions for its development. A reached level of nautical tourism development in the area of the County is being analysed and new locations for construction of nautical tourism ports are being defined. Construction of nautical tourism port demands a complex analysis of location factors especially institutional restrictions and ecological demands of the area. The authors emphasise multi-criteria approach in selecting the location for nautical tourism ports as well as explain methods of multi-criteria analysis. They also define the criteria for the selection of the location and present the results of the survey.