Nautical Department

Nautical Department is responsible for informative part of the navigational safety service, to improve marine navigation in the Adriatic, in conformity with international regulations, obligations and conventions.

Nautical Department plans the production and publishing of nautical publications and charts according to the needs of maritime economy and Ministry of Defence. It performs tasks within informative part of hydrographic-navigational safety in the Adriatic, hydrographic survey, and scientific-research activities, and participates in their planning.

As National Coordinator for navigational warnings, it is responsible for reception, analysis, and distribution of navigational warnings vitally important for safe navigation. It deals with the preparation, editing, and updating of official nautical publications. It participates in the production of charts, in the fieldwork, in the scientific-research projects within the HHI, as well as in similar external projects.

Nautical Department closely cooperates with port authorities, coast radio stations, Croatian Navy, Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, lighthouse authorities (Plovput), NAVAREA III Coordinator, and other national and international institutions. It is also involved in the training of mariners. Nautical Department strives to improve the quality of its work, especially developing the computer software for reception, analysis, exchange, storing, and maintenance of data.