Cartographic Department

Cartographic activity of the HHI includes the design, construction and production of nautical charts and harbour plans, as well as of graphic representations contained in nautical publications, and their updating. Much of the Department’s activity is dedicated to the production of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) and to the quality control of already produced ENCs. All these tasks are essential for ensuring safe navigation at sea.

Nautical chart is a chart specifically designed to meet the requirements of marine navigation, showing depths of water, nature of bottom, elevations, configuration and characteristics of coast, dangers and aids to navigation. It is also called navigational chart, marine chart, hydrographic chart, or simply chart.




Classification of the HHI navigational charts:

  • Overview charts (scale 1:800 000 – 1: 2 250 000),
  • General charts (scale 1: 300 000),
  • Coastal charts (scale 1:100 000 – 1:250 000),
  • Approach, harbour and berthing charts (scale under 1:55 000).

Main stages in the process of chart production:

  • Design and drafting
  • Compilation
  • Execution
  • Control and amendment

Chart updates:

  • New edition
  • Reprint
  • Block correction
  • Machine correction

Cartographic Department includes Archives of Fair Charts where all HHI fair sheets and original charts are kept, as well as other marine research studies and reports.

Cartographic Department is specialised for resolving various technical issues for the government administration and their technical departments.

Very important segment of the cartographic production is Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC). HHI produces ENCs in co-operation with C-Map, , and also performs quality control of already produced ENCs. ENCs are distributed through PRIMAR, Norway.