IT Department

Information System Department is responsible for providing information infrastructure, knowledge and resources, to establish a comprehensive information system of the sea and seabed area – HIDRIS, consisting of onboard computer system for data measurement and collection, and onshore computer system for data processing and display.

Onboard computer infrastructure incorporates systems for automated measuring of hydrographic, oceanographic, and other parameters necessary for the conduct of hydrographic activity. Onshore computer infrastructure is organised as a local computer network consisting of database server, data storage system, PC computer equipment, graphic working stations, and output units (printers, digitisers, plotters, and scanners), as well as communication equipment.

Information System Department provides technical support in the use of information technologies by designing special information subsystems for different HHI departments. It participates in the development and application of automated measurement systems and equipment for data collection within different HHI activities, also organising storage systems for measured and processed data.

Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia is a member of CARNet.