Hydrographic Department

Hydrographic Department is responsible for the conduct of hydrographic survey and modelling of seafloor topography, as well as for the construction of fair charts as the basis for production of nautical charts and harbour plans. Fair charts are renewed every 5 to 20 years, depending on navigational significance of the represented area.

Hydrographic Department is also engaged in commercial projects important for the protection of the Adriatic, like hydrographic-geological surveys for future cable and pipeline routes, providing valuable data for fair charts, to be used for the production and maintenance of charts, harbour plans, and nautical publications.

Hydrographic Department conducts renewal hydrographic surveys in the areas which have been surveyed using obsolete technology, because existing fair charts lack the survey accuracy required by S-44 IHO Standards for Hydrographic Surveys (IHO, 1998).

Within the scope of the above mentioned activities the following data are determined:

  • Coastline data of mainland, islands, islets and rocks, relevant for the safety of navigation
  • Depth sounding and seabed topography data for the production of bathymetric charts of the surveyed area,
  • Undersea and above-sea obstructions which may endanger the safety of navigation or the safety of submarine installations on the sea bottom,
  • Locating of ferromagnetic or explosive objects on the seabed or under the seabed,
  • Video records useful for inspection and control of submarine installations to ensure their security.