Product Catalogue

Catalogue of Charts and Nautical Publications gives full details of all charts and publications published by the HHI, covering the area of the Mediterranean Sea with an emphasis on the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the Maltese Islands.

Charts show a particular navigational area (part of the Earth’s surface), including all elements necessary for the safety of navigation and orientation at sea. They are classified according to their scale, content, and purpose, into navigational charts as the most important ones, informative charts, and auxiliary charts. Charts are constructed on the Mercator projection.

Nautical publications include: navigational handbooks providing information important for the safety of navigation that cannot be shown on charts, to be used together with charts; and other publications useful to mariners.

HHI catalogue goes in four diferent format

1. Printed publication
Available through distributors

2. Online edition of catalogue with NtM data

3. PDF edition of official printed catalogue
Link to the web page of official catalogue
    Full download of catalogue - PDF format (≈40 MB)

4. Google Earth™ catalogue of nautical charts and ENC's
To use GIS oriented catalogue of nautical charts and ENC's, You need to have Google Earth™ program installed.
    Run catalogue with Google Earth™ program


HHI paper charts and publications are available for purchase from our authorised distributors. HHI official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) are available from our distributors C-MAP by Jeppesen at and Primar at