HHI koordinirao poslove preuzimanja i obrade Navtex poruka

22. 05. 2015 - 11:20

In the last three months, coast radio station SPLIT RADIO was not transmitting NAVTEX messages because of repair works on the antenna system for NAVTEX transmissions.

In order to keep this important and mandatory service continuously available to mariners in the Adriatic Sea, transmissions were established through Italian coast radio station MONDOLFO NAVTEX, which took up the character (Q) and the time slot for broadcasting Maritime Safety Information (MSI) and Weather Bulletin (WB). All activities were coordinated by Nautical Department of the Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia, as national coordinator for radio navigational warnings.

NAVTEX messages were sent to the MONDOLFO NAVTEX station through coast radio station SPLIT RADIO. After completion of repair works on the antenna system, SPLIT RADIO re-established NAVTEX transmissions on 28 April 2015. Nautical Department has fulfilled its task of coordinating the activities with Italian colleagues (Italian Coast Guard Headquarters – III Department – Operation Centre – Monitoring systems Section) led by Andrea Tassara, to whom we express our sincere thanks.

Special praise for good cooperation between Croatia and Italy during the antenna system maintenance period, without endangering the safety of navigation in the Adriatic Sea, has been received from William Van-Den-Bergh, chairman of the IMO NAVTEX Coordinating Panel, UKHO, whose words are given below:

Dear Sirs, I would like to congratulate Croatia and Italy on the very good cooperation which took place during Split Radio antenna maintenance period. It is an unfortunate fact of life that NAVTEX equipment does need a lot of care and attention, thus occasionally stations must shutdown to achieve deep maintenance or renew equipment. However, in the case of Split Radio this was done without the loss of MSI to vessels in the Adriatic Sea, by using Mondolfo station to broadcast MSI on behalf of Split station.

When GMDSS was introduced and WWNWS came into place, it was always envisaged that this manner of cooperation between Member States would exist; unfortunately, either because of equipment limitations or political differences this is not always possible. This action by Croatia and Italy is yet again a shining example of how Member States should respond and assist each other in supporting our fellow mariners at sea.

Best regards

Bill William Van-Den-Bergh MBE
Head of Radio Navigational Warnings
NAVAREA I Coordinator
Chairman IMO NAVTEX Coordinating Panel
United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
Admiralty Way
Somerset TA1 2DN

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