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Tide Tables - Adriatic Sea - East Coast
Label: HI-OCO-57
Title: Tide Tables - Adriatic Sea - East Coast
ISBN/ISSN: ISSN 0350-3488
Author: HHI
Editor: Vinka Kolić, Srđan Čupić, Tonći Jeličić, Vesna Tomić, Milivoj Pogančić, Matilda Uvodić, Reprodukcijski odjel HHI
Languages: HR/EN
Binding: meki / paperback
Number of pages: 111
Edition dates  
First edition New edition Reprint
1974 2018/09
Maintenance through NtM No

Tide Tables are published annually in Croatian and English in 100 copies. The diagram showing locations of ports (tide gauge stations) on the East Adriatic Coast is also available at our website. Part I of these tables gives general data and harmonic constants for 8 Standard Ports (Rovinj, Bakar, Mali Lošinj, Zadar, Split, Vis, Ploče, and Dubrovnik), with daily predictions of the times and heights of high and low waters in current year. Part II gives time and height differences and other constants which are used for prediction at 9 Secondary Ports on the East Adriatic Coast. The calendar showing Phases of the Moon is given at the end of the book. Paper charts and publications are available for purchase from our authorised distributors.