100-23   Tremiti - Palagruža
Chart label: 100-23
Chart title: Tremiti - Palagruža
Chart category: coastal
Scale: 1:100000
Ellipsoid: Bessel
Projection: Mercator
Format: B1
Edition dates  
First edition New edition Reprint
1974 1995/04
Chart limits  
North East South West
42º25’30” 16º22’00” 41º52’00” 15º14’30”
Maintenance through NtM YES
2020: 06; 01;
2019: 09;
2018: 08;
2017: 09; 04; 03;
2016: 10;
2015: 04;
2012: 11;
General notes
  • Edition date (first edition, new edition, reprint) implies that the chart is updated with the latest edition of NtM prior to that date. Exact date of the chart update is shown in the left bottom margin of chart under the heading Small corrections.
  • Chart limits do not necessarily show actual situation in certain cases. Some charts do not have a rectangular coverage or a north-south orientation.
  • Charts are updated with official (paper) editions of the publication Notices to Mariners. Informative and auxiliary charts are not updated with NtM.
  • Under NtM, it is indicated whether a chart is updated with NtM. If so, all NtM editions containing corrections for that chart are listed. Only corrections with a date later than the edition date given on chart shall be applied.
  • Explanation of marks:
    YES – Chart is subject to maintenance through NtM
    NO – Chart is not subject to maintenance
    YES* - Chart is contained within another chart, being updated through updates of that chart (see Contained in)
    YES** - Chart folio, where charts contained within that folio are updated separately (see Chart components)